1. Noise. Please be considerate and do not disturb other campers at any time.
Parents must be responsible for their children.
Noisy ballgames and unruly behaviour are not tolerated.
Radios, Televisions, Music etc. must not be audible outside your caravan or tent. No generators.


2. Dogs MUST be kept on a short lead at all times and exercised OFF the park. No dogs allowed during July and August.

3. Refunds are not normally given, but credit notes may be granted in exceptional circumstances.

4. Safety. Please drive with care, not exceeding 10mph at any time.

5 Vehicles. Private cars only are allowed (no large vans or commercial vehicles)

6. Barbeques must be off the ground. No open fires.

7. Payment of site fees is in advance

8. No washing-up or washing of cars, boats etc. at standpipes.

The Proprietor does not accept any liability in respect of any person or property of any person using the park.